iPad & Android Tablet
We have scaled the hCG app to iPad and Tablet versions to take advantage of the large screen size. They are high definition screens with vivid colors and larger easier to read text!

What Your Purchase Includes: Our new and customer requested features.

  • Daily home screen where you can check off all of the protocol items. Such as your proteins, vegetables, exercise, water, melba toast and fruits.
  • Your goal amount of weight you would like to lose is viable every day for motivation on your home screen.
  • Your home screen tells you which phase you are in along with the day and how many more days you have left of that phase.
  • Calorie tracking: you will see your planned total calories on the home screen, during P2 meal planning, P3,4 and Life meal planning.
  • The ability to lock your app directly from the home screen.
  • Help and information light blubs that give more detail into the page you are using.
  • Ability to choose to follow the original protocol schedule or manually override the system if you are extending or shortening Phase 2, 3 or 4.
  • Ability to keep track of your body water % and body fat %. After you enter this information the first time under the set up section you will enter your numbers directly on the graph.
  • Ability to select the male or female body to keep track of your measurements.
  • Ability to set up reminder notifications such as Drink water, eat bread stick, eat lunch etc..You can set up these notifications to appear in one or multiple phases and at different times.
  • Ability to choose up to 6 hCG icons that represent the number of times a day you take your hCG. These will then show up on your home screen where you are able to check each of them off (either sub-lingual or injections only)
  • We have partnered with the Withings Scale company and have integrated their wireless scale into our app. You can login through the app and your information will sync to the app, loading your weight information on the weight graph.
  • You can choose to have your food item weights and measurements displayed in either Metric or English units.
  • Free Back up service, which is through our HCG Cloud. You are able to back up your information directly to our HCG Cloud. After you have done that you can send that information to any of your devices or online. So if you have an IPhone you can then send your information to your IPAD or your tablet. You can sync between devices which are not in same family. (as long as they all have the app).
  • You can turn on or off the apple day and steak day features. Turning this feature on will alert you to when you need to take one of these.
  • For phase 2, you have the ability to select (or deselect) phase 2 food options. For example if you are a vegetarian you can deselect all of the meat options so you don’t have to view them when planning meals.
  • We have an extensive 5,000 item food database that pulls all of the items that you are allowed to have in each phase to the top of the list. This makes searching for you foods fast and easy.
  • In Phase 3, 4 and Life you are able to use our food database to plan your meals. You can also change the portion size. So if you only had half of an orange your calories will reflect that.
  • Meal Menu Screen that lists all your daily lunch and dinner selections. You can also use this Menu screen to see past and future planned meals. This becomes useful to keep your selections fresh, as you are not meant to have the exact same meals each day.
  • Shopping list that generates when you plan your meals. The shopping list is broken down into weeks and by Phase. You are able to check off each item as you purchase it. Also, when you plan multiples of the same item, their amounts are added together so you know exactly how much to buy.
  • Weight and Measurement graphs. On each of the graphs you can change previous weights or measurements (if you forgot a day). You can add a note to that day’s numbers by clicking on the grey push-pin
  • Our photo journal section allows you to track your progress by taking photos or uploading from your photo gallery each day. You are able to add photos later on by phase. You can also select/tag photos to be in a slide show. So if you wanted to show friends your progress you could select photos from phase 1 to life and create a slide show.
  • Journal Notes: Phase2; your journal notes section is used to enter information about your progress and daily thoughts. We have created success tracking color blocks that enable you to select and save if you have done the following: followed protocol, lost weight, maintained (weight), cheated, or gained weight.
  • Journal Notes: Phase 3, 4 and Life; your journal notes merges with your calendar and becomes your Home screen. You are still able to keep track of your water, calories and food items.
  • Dr. Simeons complete protocol is in the app. Along with a link to a free downloadable podcast/audio book of Dr. Simeons entire diet broken down into chapters.
  • Brief outline of what each phase entails is in the app for those that need quick reference on the main and important points.
  • We have included in our app vegetarian options and recipes for shakes that will replace your protein.
  • Included in your purchase are all of our help videos, our detailed glossary of each part of the diet and customer service for all of your technical questions related to the app.

Meal Planning

  • Ability to plan each day’s meals. Lunch and Dinner. Snacks and Drinks.
  • ll meal\food options are diet specific. (i.e. in Phase 2 you are only given options items….

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Special Functions

  • 11 different types of text alert options you can select that are sent to your phone.
  • Up to 5 text alerts a day to remind you to take your hCG (more to come)…

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Health and Wellness features

  • Journal notes section, where you can log\write entries for each day of the diet. Then quickly monitor which days were successful or not by clicking on the top references…

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Information and Support

  • hCG diet app was created and is maintained by professionals. Everyone at our company has successfully completed the protocol or is currently doing it. You can trust that…

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