About Us

Here at Appilicious we know there have been a series of new hCG geared apps and websites being put on the market since we launched the world’s first hCG app in October 2009. Many are generic versions of our own that don’t understand the complexity of the diet as we do. We here at Appilicious take great pride in the effort we take to stay ahead of the pack.

How do we do this: Everyone at our company successfully completed Dr. Simeon’s protocol or is currently doing the system. This means you have security in the information provided in the app. We have created many help videos to make learning the app easy.

hCG diet app is on version 5. It has, by it’s own merit, been a top customer reviewed app. This is because we take over 90% of customer comments and put into our updates. We understand and deliver a convenient way to simplify your protocol. We know the diet can be confusing and we have made this app to easily break down each phase and allow you to stay interactive. This synergistic approach, we have found, is the best way to help you reach your diet goals and how we have retained so many great customers over the past 4 years.

The hCG app has transformed into a portable super-tool. The app works to support you and acts as a motivational tool. We work every day to give our app customers our best product, through improving functionality and creative new features.

Please enjoy our app and we look forward to hearing more of your great success stories.


The hCG Diet App Team