hCG Diet Apps for Smartphones and Tablet Devices
Now available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android® Smartphones and tablets including Nook® and Kindle Fire®. It is offered in both English and Spanish versions.
Included with your purchase of the hCG Diet App, you will get FREE backup services for your first round on the diet! You can even sync your accounts with multiple devices. If you track your weight and goals on the iPad, you can send them to your iPhone or any device for that matter! You can even log on to our website at www.hCGcompanion.com and make changes and send them to your device!
Home Screen: P1 & P2
This will be your main home screen in Phase 2. You are able to check off your exercise, hCG dosages, your fruit, water, melba/breadstick, protein and veggies. You will see this screen when you log-in each day.Learn More >>
Calendar Section:
Here at your calendar section you will be able to click on any of the the blue push-pins and plan your meals for that day. You will also be able to add notes and add your specific protocol tracking identifiers.Learn More >>
Weight Chart
When you click on the weight scale on your home screen you will be taken to this screen where you will enter your daily weight in the green circle. It will then show up on the graph with the rest of your numbers.Learn More >>
Can I Eat / Food Database
The extensive food database that we have created allows you to enter a search term in the white box. The phase you are searching in for that item in will be back-lit in dark shadow.Learn More >>