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Drag-n-Drop Meal Planning

Meal Planning couldn’t be easier and as much fun as it is in hCG Life.  In Phase 2, Food items appear by Protein, Veggie and Fruits and Snacks.  You can Tap, Drag and Drop directly in the Home Screen to the desired meal.  For Phase 3 through Life, use the Food Categories to find the items you want to add to your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Drinks and Slide your finger from Left to Right and it’s added!

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Multiple Rounds

When setting up the App, you may chose to follow the Dr. Simeon’s Recommended Protocol, or Select Multiple Rounds.  If you select Multiple Rounds, you may alter the days in each round by simply changing the number to the amount of days you’d like in each phase.  You can set your Start Weight and Measurements in Each Round to help you easily track your success over time.

Challenge Members

In the iPhone version of hCG Life, you may create several challenges to help you meet your weight loss goals.  For example, you may challenge yourself to lose weight, Drink Water, Stay active, Stay within a Calorie Range, Eliminate Soda, Take your Vitamins, Lose 6 pounds in a week and to Meal Plan.  The App monitors your success and if in a Group Challenge will Reveal the weekly winners!

Weight, Measurements, Blood Glucose and Heart Rate

Weight, Measurements, Blood Glucose and Heart Rate Tracking.  Charts and Easy to read screens to help you track your success!

hCG Community

hCG Community uses specialized proximity information to show you other Dieters in the same area.  Of course we randomize your exact location as to keep things private!  iPhone hCG app users can connect, chat and even challenge members.  We feel that there is strength in numbers and member motivation can go a long way!

Tech Support

Built right in to both the iPhone and Android hCG Diet Life Apps is the ability to contact us directly.  From within the app, you may contact us, get help and answers to any technical question.  We are here to support the app and make sure it works for you!


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